I was skeptical at first about working with a horse, but the whole equine session was so powerful! I gained more insight into what is holding me back in one session than I had before with lots of other types of work.

— Mary C, Business VP, Arlington, VA

The session gave me a deeper understanding of what's preventing me from achieving certain goals.

— Bill C, Teacher, Washington, DC

Even though I don’t even really like horses and I was worried about spending the money, I had two sessions with Richard. It was so worth it! It was fantastic for doing some deep work in a way that seemed a lot faster than would have happened with regular coaching. Something about being outside, and Richard’s energy, and presumably the horses’ energies, just allows that stuff to come out and be seen, and Richard is really good at handling it and helping you work with it. Highly recommended for anyone who's even a little bit inclined to try it.

— Wendy L, Mind-Body Coach, San Diego

In my session we worked on how I never felt good enough for my parents. Soon after that session I went to see them for the first time in a long time. I was silly, loud, and spoke my mind instead of being under their fear! I also allowed myself to withdraw when I wanted.

— Kathy R, Alexandria

Working with Richard in an Equus session is like looking in the mirror and seeing your truest self.  Richard's heartfelt guidance, calm and gentle nature, and willingness to speak openly about what he sees help unearth core issues that often create pain in our lives.  When the truth comes to light, the horse then provides exquisite confirmation that, yes, this information, sensation, emotion is authentic.  The result is a deeper wisdom of the whole self and the clarity to embrace what is and move forward.  I highly recommend working with Richard for anyone who is ready to move into a more authentic way of living.

Angela Peterson Winter, Holistic Voice & Life Coach, Burke, VA

I am experienced with horses, but was unfamiliar with Family Constellation work, so was a little nervous. It turns out I really enjoyed the work I did with Richard. It helped me stand my ground and tell some family members a difficult truth. After that tough conversation, they started treating me as a partner and giving me the respect I deserve. The relationships are still difficult at times, but they continue getting a lot better!

— Julie M, Business Owner, Los Angeles