Sometimes life presents us with seemingly intractable problems that we can't find our way around, over, or through. When that happens, it's good to enlist the aid of someone who can see and hear you from a perspective that lends itself to wider possibilities. Because much of your wisdom is out of reach of your logical, cognitive brain, it can be difficult to find the wisdom that has been growing with every life experience and resides in your "emotional brain." 

I use equine-assisted coaching, Systemic Constellation, and traditional coaching methods to enable you to connect and integrate the emotional and cognitive brains so that you can access and apply all of the knowledge you have gathered over time. When you choose actions from this place of congruency, self-doubt and second-guessing diminish as your sense of safety and confidence grow. 

Once we've discovered what has been holding you back, I will support you in creating the new habits and routines that will get you to your goal using methods tailored to your life experience and learning style. Much like working with a trainer at the gym, you will create your new "muscles" and skills much more efficiently and effectively by working with me.

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