Equus Coaching


What can you learn from a horse?

You can’t talk a horse into doing what you want—you must learn to speak its language. It’s a different kind of communication—built on trust and dynamic, embodied leadership—the same skills you need for successfully directing your life forward: at work, at school, or at home.

Horses live completely in the present moment. If you want to “play” with a horse using Natural Horsemanship techniques, you must learn to communicate with just your emotions, visualization, intention, and body language, and you must do it while quieting your inner critic—otherwise the horse will ignore you. For many who have experienced this, the moment they first succeeded at it was a spiritual event full of wonder and grace. Once you’ve achieved that, you can use this skill to navigate life’s daily challenges with greater ease and clarity. You will learn how Equus Coaching helps you open new perspectives, improve relationship skills, and learn techniques that improve mindfulness and presence. Because the horse will give you honest, instant feedback with no agenda, you will trust the answers you discover.

Using a horse as your guide, you can:

  • Improve your leadership and team building skills

  • Develop better boundaries that paradoxically lead to greater intimacy in your relationships

  • Discover subconscious blocks and explore ways over, under, around, or through them

  • Become aware of and improve your non-verbal communication patterns

  • Obtain powerful insights about important decisions you are facing




Learning to show up in an authentic way led to greater trust and connection with others