From Codependence to Interdependence in Every Relationship
10:00 AM10:00

From Codependence to Interdependence in Every Relationship

In this workshop, we will explore fundamental Family Constellations — a unique approach to well-being, happiness, and fulfillment originally developed by Bert Hellinger. Family Constellations show you how to open a space for change to take root in your personal, family, or professional life.

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Family Constellations—Alexandria, VA
1:30 PM13:30

Family Constellations—Alexandria, VA

  • 2402 Mount Vernon Avenue Alexandria, VA, 22301 United States (map)
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Constellation is a unique approach to well-being, happiness, and fulfillment. It provides an approach to seeing your personal, professional, or family life through a larger lens. A view that offers increased mobility and freedom. A view where constraints dissolve into possibilities, and change can take root and flourish.

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Healing Through Horses
9:00 AM09:00

Healing Through Horses

This event is for anyone who is interested in learning more about healing yourself or others through working with horses.

Horses have exquisite abilities to communicate non-verbally, and they live completely in the present moment. A human who wants to “play” with a horse using Natural Horsemanship techniques must learn how to communicate with the horse using only emotions, visualization, intention, and body language, and they must do it while quieting their nagging inner voice—otherwise the horse will ignore them.

For many, the moment they first succeed at this becomes a spiritual event full of wonder and grace. They can then learn how to use this same state of congruence—when intention, emotions, mind, and heart are all in alignment—to navigate life’s daily challenges with greater ease and fulfillment.

During this workshop, you will learn how Equus Coaching teaches these skills to clients, and how this method can be used in conjunction with therapeutic approaches to help clients overcome blocks, obtain new perspectives, improve relationship skills, and learn mind-body integration techniques that improve mindfulness and presence.

More Information and Tickets

Learn more about the Viva Center Holistic Practitioners Group 

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Leadership Lessons from a Horse
1:00 PM13:00

Leadership Lessons from a Horse

If you'd like to experience Equus coaching for not a lot of money, join me and Harrison Snow this Friday, May 11, at Little Burgundy Farm in Alexandria, VA for an afternoon of Leadership Lessons From a Horse. Volunteer to be coached with a horse in an individual leadership session or a team building exercise, or just watch as the volunteers learn from the horse.

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Resilience with Reva and Richard
1:00 PM13:00

Resilience with Reva and Richard

Can you use more resilience in your life? Join Reva Hamilton and Richard Griffin and give yourself the gift of resilience. This month we focus on how food increases or diminishes our resilience. We will offer:

  • Exercises that increase your ability to handle stress and to learn more easily.
  • Opportunities to be curious and explore how we choose the food we put into our bodies.
  • Facilitated constellations to support you in exploring how resilience shows up in your life, what may be blocking it, and what you can do to increase your skill at being resilient.

Cost:  $49

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1:00 PM13:00

Relationships 101 for Couples

Is your committed relationship in a bit of a rut? Do you keep having the same argument? This experiential class teaches fundamental relational skills that create greater trust and intimacy:

·       Turning complaint into request – the magical path to getting what you want.

·       Responsible leave-taking – how to take care of yourself without harming your relationship.

·       Boundary setting –the paradoxical secret to having greater intimacy.

·       How to succeed at difficult conversations – why asking for what you really want is more important than pleasing your partner.

·       Giving and receiving – why receiving is more important than giving.

·       Understanding the natural cycle of connection-disruption-repair – also the secret to raising healthy, resilient children.

You will also learn:

·       Why good “communication skills” aren’t enough

·       Why we do what we do

·       The difference between Being in Love and Being in Relationship

·       Why your partner wants you to have their back and what that means

·       The awesome destructive power of resentment and what to do about it

·       Handling the paradox that a woman wants to feel emotionally intimate before having sex, and a man seeks emotional intimacy by having sex

·       What to do when you lose your temper

Saturday, 1-5 pm. Limited to six couples. Through March 13:  $125 per couple, $150 after. Sign up here.

After registering you will receive a brief pre-work survey to return prior to the workshop. As part of the survey, you will be able to ask questions or suggest topics to be covered in the class.

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9:00 AM09:00

Empower Your Relationship Equine Workshop

Is this your relationship?

  • The openheartedness that first drew you together has gone on vacation?
  • It's in trouble and needs substantial changes?
  • It's kind of meh and you wish it could be better?
  • You're looking for a new one that doesn't repeat the mistakes of the past?

If so, join me for an equine-assisted Empower Your Relationship workshop on December 4 in Haymarket, VA. At this workshop you will:

  • Experience an individual Equus session with the horse.
  • Experience one or more team herding exercises.
  • Learn through experiential exercises how to practice Winning Relationship Strategies, as well as spot when you are using one of the five Losing Strategies.
  • See through the eyes of a horse how you and your fellow participants show up in the world.
  • See through the eyes of a horse how you relate to other humans when you try to work as a team.

This workshop is for couples or individuals and is limited to six participants. Lunch, drinks, and snacks will be provided. It will be the last local Equus workshop until spring. $250/person, $400/couple (or two friends). A sliding scale is available. No horse experience required – all work will be done on the ground. Call or email to sign up or for further information.

  • 703-888-5839
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