The answers to life's questions are waiting inside you.

I can help you find them.


Whatever the question or challenge you are facing, you may not realize that you already have the wisdom to help you through. Unfortunately, the answer is often out of reach of your logical, “talking brain.” In fact, the depth of your wisdom has been increasing with every life experience you've had, but because it resides in the “emotional brain,” access to it is limited.

I use Equus Coaching, Systemic Constellation, and other methods to enable you to connect and integrate the emotional and talking brains so that the knowledge you have gathered over time can join with and support your emerging insights. When you make choices from this place of congruency, self-doubt and second-guessing diminish and your sense of safety and confidence grow.

“Although many of us may think of ourselves as thinking creatures that feel, biologically we are feeling creatures that think.”
— Jill Bolte Taylor, My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist's Personal Journey
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Richard has a PhD in physics and spent over thirty years in the technology and defense industries as a scientist, engineer, entrepreneur, and manager. He left that world to focus on helping others find clarity about their life’s purpose and meaning, and to discover and move beyond obstacles to creating that life. He is a writer, teacher, a certified Martha Beck Life Coach, an Equus Coach Master Facilitator, and a Systemic Constellation facilitator using his years of study with Suzi Tucker, Francesca Mason Boring, and other leading Constellation facilitators. He is also a certified RLI Relational Coach, trained by couples therapist and best-selling author Terrence Real.


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