Developmental Coaching

Personal coaching Washington DC

My clients are people who want to:

  • Overcome obstacles standing between them and their goals
  • Feel empowered and cherished in their intimate relationships
  • Develop greater resilience in their professional, personal, or family life
  • Make a significant career shift
  • Navigate a significant transition with greater ease

I help you connect with your hopes, desires, and dreams, and provide you with the resources and tools you need to create your vision.

One-on-one coaching is done in my office in Alexandria or via phone/video. Call or email to arrange a free consultation

If you are traveling to, or live in the Washington, DC area, you can also experience Equus Coaching.  If you are interested in learning about workshops that I offer, or about coaching packages that can be tailored to your particular goals, and that provide significant cost-savings, sign up for my newsletter or contact me to set up a no-cost consultation.